Hot chocolate and pieces of chocolate on table

So what exactly is a chocolate meditation? (And yes, it is a genuine meditation!)

Chocolate meditation is a very gentle mindfulness meditation grounded in the ancient practice of mindful eating.

It involves using each of the senses to slow down & taste with awareness, pleasure and compassion.

It helps build a greater sense of connection with our body, mind and the wider world.

It’s particularly helpful for people who have tried meditation before, but struggled with focus.

In a happy coincidence it’s also very similar to the principles of chocolate tasting – so not only will you experience the benefits of mindfulness,
you’ll learn how to taste chocolate like the professionals!

During mindful eating, we gently move through each sense, exploring the experience as we go.

We then continue slowly tasting with focus and silence, noticing from moment to moment and mouthful to mouthful how the tasting experience is.

It’s a lovely way to step back and be present with a tasting experience – especially when there’s chocolate involved!

If you’d like to get a little ‘taste’ of this meditation, sip along to my 5 minute Mindful Hot Chocolate Meditation below…

What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is an ancient practice and way of eating based on the principles of mindfulness. It involves:

– building awareness of the full process of hunger and eating, both internally and externally
– coming to this without judgement; and
– reconnecting with the pleasure of taste

It nurtures a way of eating with intention, attention & compassion, using ALL the senses.

Mindful eating isn’t a single set practice; it’s much more about an overall approach and attitude
to taste and eating grounded in gentle and compassionate mindfulness 

Explore my chocolate wellbeing sessions for groups & teams 

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