Food At Heart

Hi, I’m Meredith. I’m a mindfulness meditation teacher, chocolatier and passionate lover of all things cacao.

One of the things I really care about is helping people find simple and delicious ways into wellbeing. And good chocolate of course!

I create wellbeing experiences and mindful chocolate products designed to help you slow down, take a breath and get better connected with yourself AND the world around you.

Chocolate and meditation are two things I still use most days to support my own wellbeing!

I run mindfulness and tasting sessions for teams and groups, and you can also find me popping up at festivals, events and markets.

What’s my ethos? I’m all about small, delicious actions and rituals that you can incorporate in a busy life.

Making small changes can make a big difference.

I know from personal experience that not managing stress makes it really difficult to eat and live joyfully. This is why meditation has been an important tool in my own digestive and self-care management kit.

And why chocolate? It’s a fascinating and special food in its own right, but it’s also a beautiful tool for exploring mindful eating. Plus it was one of the things that helped me fall back in love with food, taste and my body after years of struggling with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

Living sustainably is also really important to me (and definitely connected to living more mindfully) so this is gently woven into my work and the products I create.

5 Days 5 Senses Tasting

A little bit more about me… 

Food At Heart Growing Up

 My love of food and taste – and rediscovering this love – is a huge part of my work today. I’ve been sharing this love since 2015 with reflective cooking and tasting sessions, chocolate making and meditation workshops.

But at points this love was seriously challenged by some severe digestive issues…

The seeds of Food At Heart were planted in my early years in Australia…

I grew up in a house of delicious dishes created by my mum. Some of my first memories are of leaning over a mixing bowl with her. That’s me in the left of the picture above tasting some of the results!

(And then below is me almost 40 years later still getting lots of pleasure from sharing food.)

Prior to my current work, I spent over 17 years working for various big businesses. Like so many people in the business world, I had many points of “almost burn out” and wasn’t great at recognising the warning signs of chronic stress.

I was finally diagnosed with IBS and then fibromyalgia. I knew I needed to find a better balance and this helped me explore a new focus for my personal and working life.

Along with building a more regular meditation practice, I honed my knowledge of one of my favourite foods and passions: chocolate. I spent time working as a chocolate tour guide, attending chocolate classes, and teaching my own creative chocolate sessions with elements of mindful eating.

The overlap between mindful eating and chocolate tasting felt really natural to me. 

This led to me training as a meditation teacher with the British School of Meditation in 2017 and working as a teaching assistant at the London school over the following year.

I also completed the Mindful Eating Certificate Programme with The Center for Mindful Eating in 2021. Ongoing professional development is an important part of my work and responsibility as a mindfulness meditation teacher.

In addition to this, I’m a judge for the Academy of Chocolate Awards.

I’m now based in Mid Wales with my husband and our furry mascot, Taz the Lakeland Terrier, and continue to deliver sessions online and in-person around the UK (and beyond!).

Cooking Demo Event

Just a little note to say I’m not a nutritionist or a medical professional; I share my stories, experience and guidance as a meditation teacher, chocolatier and cook, but I won’t ever diagnose, prescribe or make medical recommendations. But I will aim to provide smiles, support – and chocolate.

Main profile image © James Champion

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