The Food At Heart Story

Take some time out to taste with attention & experiment with feelgood flavours…

Hi, I’m Meredith. I created Food At Heart for people like me: people who enjoy experimenting with recipes and discovering new flavours, but also want to develop a more conscious way of eating and living.

I want to share the fun of being in the kitchen, playing around and creating tasty food. But the joy of food and cooking is even more than this. I love making food that helps me bound out of bed in the morning, and stops me feeling sluggish and slumped in the afternoon. I feel nourished and happy when I eat food my body likes.

This is the experience I bring to life through Food At Heart tasting and cooking events. Food At Heart events give you the space to explore and reflect on flavour, texture and taste. It’s a time to pause, be curious and create. From tasting meditation to experimenting with flavours and creating tasty food, these sessions fuse fun and focus.

Feeling good isn’t just about feeling good in your body. It’s also about knowing how you can make positive choices for the planet. I use seasonable and sustainable ingredients wherever possible – and the bonus is that they often taste better!

I want to help people slow down so that they can be truly aware, enjoy and care about what they put in their mouths. My aim is to reach 20,000 mouths by 2020. Will you be one of the 20,000?


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A little bit about me…

Introducing Food At HeartSome of my earliest memories are of leaning over a mixing bowl with my mum (that’s me on the left tasting some of the results!). Since that time, food has been an important part of life. But it hasn’t all been mixing bowls and cookery books.

My career spans market research, marketing, music and e-commerce. Yes, I’m interested in many things! And I learned a lot about toothpaste. I also picked up lots of experience running training, events and workshops along the way.

What kept me going over the years in my ‘normal’ work was a love of flavour and cooking. It was an important creative outlet and a great way of relieving stress.

Some serious digestive issues made me realise I needed to press the pause button. I had to pay attention to my eating and my life in a whole new way. An opportunity then came to take a leap out of corporate life. From this, Food At Heart was born.

Through Food At Heart and the events that I run, I want to share the joy and balance I’ve gained over many years of creating and eating food. I hope you’ll join me on my flavour-filled journey of discovery on Food At Heart.


In addition to Food At Heart, I write about food on other websites, have recently worked at the new Kids In The Kitchen project and am a chocolate guide for Chocolate Ecstasy Tours. If there’s top quality chocolate involved in something, I’ll normally say yes…


“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.”

Ruth Reichl