The Food At Heart Story

With just a little extra attention food becomes even more delicious…

Welcome to Food At Heart. I’m so pleased you’ve joined me!

I’m Meredith and I created Food At Heart for people like me: people who enjoy exploring taste, experimenting with recipes, and discovering new flavours – but who also want to develop a more conscious way of eating and living.

I love helping people connect to food and through food.


We need to eat every day so it should be a pleasure. I’d love you to reclaim real happiness of good food.

And this includes the happiness of making food i.e. a bit of cooking! I love getting in the kitchen and playing around with ingredients and flavours. It’s such an easy way to explore creativity and blow off a bit of steam; even just a bit of gentle bread kneading is a great stress relief.

It’s not just what we eat, but also how we eat.

All the different senses affect our perception of taste; understanding how the senses work together and giving them just a bit more attention takes your eating and your cooking to a new taste level.

For example, did you know a little pinch of saltiness balances bitterness and enhances sweetness? It’s why sea salt dark chocolate is so delicious! Knowing how to add a little touch of this and a drizzle of that is what lifts food from humdrum to yum.

Be curious                    Be conscious                     Be kind

For me, joyful eating means eating whole foods that sing with the full flavour of the season they naturally grow in. Simple ingredients and interesting flavours get me excited.

I also care about where my food comes from and eat pesticide-free where possible.

I love having the time to eat, tasting mindful mouthfuls rather than rushing in bites between busyness. And I love making and sharing food with other people.

I prefer food to go in mouths rather than bins, so anything that reduces food waste is a big plus too!

Oh and I’m a HUGE fan of good quality dark chocolate. It somehow seems to find its way into lots of my recipes and workshops. And my mouth.


What does joyful eating mean to you?

A little bit about me…

Some of my earliest memories are of leaning over a mixing bowl with my mum. That’s me above on the left tasting some of the results! Since I was little (actually I’m still not very tall), food has been an important part of life. But it hasn’t all been mixing bowls and cookery books.

My working life spans market research, marketing, music and e-commerce. Yes, I’m interested in many things! And I learned a lot about toothpaste.

What kept me going over the years in my ‘normal’ work was my love of food and cooking. My spare time was filled with cooking classes, food events and – of course – time in the kitchen.

A few years’ ago some serious digestive issues made me realise I needed to press the pause button. I had to pay attention to my eating, my body and my life in a whole new way. An opportunity came to take a leap out of corporate life and from this, Food At Heart was born.

I now spend my time exploring flavour, writing about food, tasting chocolate and spreading as much of the happiness that food brings me as possible.

If you have any questions about working with me or potential collaborations, drop me an email at

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.”

Ruth Reichl

Come taste with me