Learning to better manage my own IBS symptoms is at the core of why I started Food At Heart. I therefore want to share some useful resources if you are a fellow IBS sufferer.

What you eat is of course important when it comes to IBS, but so is considering how you eat – and also how you live, as stress is a very common trigger for IBS symptoms.

Don’t give up if you are feeling in deep belly despair as small, progressive changes really do add up. Slowing down (at least a little), becoming more mindful, and finding regular practices I enjoy and that help me feel more relaxed (including gentle movement) have all been important for me. My time in the kitchen, and working with chocolate, is also very much part of this.


If you suspect you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), it’s really important that you visit a GP to discuss your symptoms. There are a range of digestive disorders and other health issues with similar symptoms, and only a qualified medical professional can provide a proper diagnosis.

Some great gut heroes

Fermented food experts

IBS Discussion Forums

Slow living supporters

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