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breathe & connect with my guided meditations..

Over this year I’ll be adding a selection of guided meditations here for you to explore.
Find a regular meditation time that works best for you – it might be first thing in the morning, on your commute or just before bed – and somewhere where you can listen undisturbed (but not while driving!).
And if you have any specific meditation requests, just get in touch.

  • Body Scan (length – 11.42 mins)
    A gentle meditation aimed at helping you connect with and listen to your body. This is a great meditation if you suffer from physical pain (I’ve found it’s helped with both my IBS and fibromyalgia) and also a really good one to do just before bed to help sleep as it can help relax your body. 

A short note on mental health…

If you are suffering from certain diagnosed mental health conditions (including clinical depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder) you should always seek advice from your supporting clinical team before taking part in meditation. Similarly some people with epilepsy have adverse reactions to meditation. That said, meditation can be incredibly helpful for many of these conditions and you may be perfectly safe – but I always recommend discussing this with your medical team, as well as listening to your mind and body. If it ever feels unsafe you should stop.
If you have any concerns or questions just drop me a note.

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