As you can imagine, Easter is an exciting time for a chocolate obsessive like me. It has been SO much fun visiting the different chocolate shops during my recent Chocolate Ecstasy walks. The Easter ranges started materialising after Mother’s Day and I’ve been keeping a close eye on them.

Last year I reviewed a selection of ethical Easter eggs, many of which are available again in 2016. This year it’s all about flavour combinations. I’ve selected my top 5 Easter egg flavours, focusing on those that are just a little different from your standard Easter eggs.

There’s no reason to settle for a cheap tasteless, chocolate with the fantastic flavour treats on offer. If you’ve given up chocolate for Easter, these will be a great way to break your chocolate fast.

The eggs I’ve chosen are mostly at the higher end of Easter egg budgets as they use good quality chocolate. Personally I’d suggest buying less eggs and enjoying the quality over quantity of better tasting chocolate. I’ve also avoided eggs with lots of shiny coatings as they often contain E numbers.

Please do spare a thought for chocolatiers this year: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter have all happened in quick succession. There have been quite a few long days and late nights for these guys. Easter Sunday will hopefully be a genuine day of chocolate rest.

And so, without further ado, here are my top 5 Easter egg flavours of 2016:


Hotel Chocolat Eggs on Parade £7


Easter Egg Flavours Hotel Chocolat

Okay, so these little bite-sized eggs from Hotel Chocolat aren’t the most extreme flavour offering, but I’ve included them specifically for the Blood Orange flavour. I love blood orange and it’s not often you get to see it in chocolate. The caramel praline and salted caramel included the selection are fairly standard flavours. The raspberry Supermilk egg is however worth a mention as it’s very nicely tart, without being overly sweet. Supermilk is a high cocoa milk chocolate (65%) which puts it well above the cocoa content of Cadbury’s Dairymilk (which is around 25% in case you’re wondering). If you’re looking for interesting flavours that don’t challenge your taste buds too much, this selection is a good place to start.


Pierre Hermé Assortment of Ouefs Signature £20


Easter Egg Flavours Pierre Herme

Pierre Hermé is probably best known in the UK for his macarons. He is the master of extraordinary flavours; there was even a chocolate foie gras macaron available over Christmas. Pierre Hermé chocolate is just as good, with real care and expertise used in the flavour and chocolate combinations. My Easter pick from Pierre Hermé is a colourful box of ‘signature’ flavours in Easter egg form. The Ouefs Signature box contains over 200g of chocolate using 3 different praline flavours:

– Mathilda (almond praline, lemon zest and roasted almonds)

– Sensation (hazelnut praline); and

– Corso (gianduja (hazelnut chocolate blend) with olive oil, fleur de sel and bits of black olive).

Prepare to be amazed and delighted by these little eggs.


Lakrids Easter Egg (Dulce de Leche Chocolate Liquorice) £19.95

Liquorice is one of those flavours that can divide people. I happen to be a card-carrying liquorice lover. I’ll even admit to liking the Scandinavian salty stuff (yes, I appreciate know it’s a bit strange to most people). This is why I was very excited when I came across the Lakrids Dulche de Leche Liquorice egg on Sous Chef. A big egg-shaped presentation box contains lots of liquorice Easter egg mouthfuls. Each is a piece of liquorice surrounded with salted dulce de leche caramel chocolate and covered in a crisp sugar shell. An added bonus is that Lakrids liquorice is gluten free. This is Easter with a difference!


Rococo Roald Dahl Roly-Poly Bird Egg £20


Easter Egg Flavours Rococo

Rococo’s ‘Roly-Poly Bird Egg’ is perfect for children – and adults who are still children at hearts. It’s beautifully boxed, with a sleeve of Quentin Blake illustrations on the outside. The egg is flavoured in two halves – milk with raspberries on one and white chocolate with strawberries and popping candy on the other. And if that’s not quite enough chocolate, there are 8 small eggs inside. This is an egg that will keep everyone happy on Easter Sunday.


Prestat London Gin Truffle Easter Egg £16

In contrast to my Rococo selection, Prestat’s Gin Truffle Easter egg is definitely for adults. It is inspired by the flavours of gin and tonic. The large milk chocolate egg is flavoured with lemon oil, and filled with decadent gin and lemon flavoured truffles. It’s another tongue fizzing option with cheeky popping candy hidden inside the truffles. If that’s not quite enough to make you smile (and I’m sure it will be), the lovely gold and sunshine yellow packaging should add an extra bit of brightness to your day. If you can hold off eating all your chocolate on Easter morning, the gin truffles will be lovely with a cup of earl grey in the afternoon…


I’d love to hear your favourite Easter flavours of 2016 – happy eating!



Easter Egg Flavours Hotel Chocolat