As Easter approaches, it’s almost impossible to escape the supermarket shelves of foil clad chocolate eggs. With the first signs of spring and a long weekend coming, it’s a time of joy and chocolate. I’m happy to get into the spirit and embrace both, especially the chocolate.

When it comes to Easter eggs, it doesn’t all have to be about Cadbury’s. There are some great ethical alternatives around, so I took on the very difficult (ahem!) challenge of trying out a few options available this year. As an added bonus, many also cater for special dietary requirements.



Ethical Easter Eggs 2015


Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate Egg Price £6.00

This is a plain and simple dark chocolate egg. It’s straight up, strong flavoured Green & Black’s 70% chocolate made from high quality Trinitario cocoa beans. This egg is organic and Fairtrade, with recyclable cardboard packaging (though the box is quite large for the size of egg).

Organic, dairy free, Fairtrade


Booja-Booja Hazelnut Crunch Small Easter Egg Price £9.99

Booja-Booja don’t just care about taste; they also source ingredients ethically. The pretty ‘egg’ is a papier-mâché case with 3 truffles hidden inside. Each egg is sustainably made and hand painted by Kashmiri artists. The truffles are rich and sophisticated, with a crisp dark chocolate shell dusted in cocoa.

Organic, dairy free, gluten free, soya free


Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate Cheeky Bunnies Price £4.99

8 cheeky bunnies peek out from beneath the bright cardboard packaging of this box of Easter chocolates. The chocolate is 74% cocoa Montezuma’s house blend, with a fairly heavy cocoa flavour and a pleasant level of bitterness.

Organic, dairy free



Ethical Easter Eggs 2015

Abel & Cole Milk Chocolate with Butterscotch Eco Egg Price £7.99

Abel & Cole’s egg is great if you’re looking for a pure chocolate fix. With understated eco-packaging, and a silky smooth shell, the sneaky crumbs of butterscotch add a lovely sweet crunch. Made by Montezuma’s for Abel & Cole, it was a nice addition to my regular veggie box delivery.




Divine Milk Chocolate Praline Easter Eggs Price £4.25Ethical Easter Eggs 2015

These soft little eggs from Divine have a creamy hazelnut praline centre and melted nicely on to my fingers. They are
a good sweet hit when you want just a mouthful of chocolate (though you could have a couple more without feeling quite as bad as chomping through a whole giant egg).



Cocoa Loco Hot Cross Bun Truffles Price £5.99

The cross Cocoa Loco bunny on the sleeve of the truffle tube belies the sweet treats inside. These chunky truffles are full of Easter spice. I loved the citrus hit of chopped orange peel and the lingering caramel taste. All the packaging is recyclable and Cocoa Loco power themselves with electricity from a green power company.

Organic, Fairtrade

Ethical Easter Eggs 2015


Dairy Free Milk

Ethical Easter Eggs 2015


Both of these eggs are a good option for kids who can’t have dairy, as dark chocolate is often too bitter for children.

Plamil Dairy Free Easter Egg Price £3.69

Plamil replace the milk in their chocolate with a rice starch and powder blend. As I’m a fan of dark chocolate, this egg is a little sweet for me and has a fairly light chocolate flavour. Plamil go the extra mile by producing their eggs using 100% renewable energy and the box is made from 95% recycled material.

Organic, dairy free, gluten free, Fairtrade


Moo Free Original Easter Egg Price £3.99

Moo Free’s egg has a nice crisp shell, which cracks open easily. Moo Free add rice powder in place of milk. As with Plamil’s dairy free egg, this is quite sweet, but with a bit more depth of cocoa flavour.

Organic, dairy free, gluten free



Coco Chocolatier Hot Cross Bun Spice Price £4.50

In a moment of chocolate craziness, I bought the dark and white version of Coco Chocolatier’s Easter chocolate bars. I don’t often eat white chocolate, but wanted to give this one a go. These are very adult choices, with tasteful patterned packaging which is a million miles away from Easter eggs and fluffy bunnies.

Coco Chocolatier care about what goes into their bars, sourcing their single origin chocolate from the Dominican Republic. Both bars have a spice mix of star anise, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, with a handful of currants thrown in. The pungent hit of star anise is well balanced by the sweetness of the white chocolate. The effect was quite different in the dark bar, with the richness of the cocoa softening the spices.

I discovered that having a piece of each worked pretty well. This is not chocolate for scoffing, but one to break into small pieces and melt in your mouth. And that’s pretty much what I plan to do on Easter Sunday.

Organic, gluten free (Dark – dairy free)


Ethical Easter Eggs 2015