It’s been a pretty exciting October, what with Chocolate Week AND I became an officially published author (which resulted in me having a little dance around the kitchen when a copy of the book landed through my front door).

I’m so honoured, delighted and, yes, excited about being included in the new book, Washing Up Is Good For You. This lovely collection of ideas and stories was published last week (along with a partner book called Walking In The Rain). The focus is on little daily acts that can help you pause, reflect and reconnect. These moments are important for our sanity, creativity and adding a touch of joy to life.

My personal reconnection points often come from time in the kitchen. I think this is partly because cooking, tasting and eating involves all the senses. But it’s also because the kitchen is an endless source of creative inspiration and pleasure, as well as also being a place of healing, for me.

This was the inspiration behind my second chapter from Washing Up Is Good For You, “Chop Chop Chop”, which charts a little of my own journey and the sensory experience I’ve gone through in the kitchen. I’ve found that being more conscious and aware when it comes to food (originally out of necessity as I tried to manage my Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms) has spilled into many other areas of my life.

I wanted to give you a bit of a sneaky peak around some of the topics I talk about in the book as these are ideas that I come back to again and again, finding new layers – and new tastes. This includes enjoying the pleasures of simple, seasonal and delicious food right through to getting better at listening to your body and your senses, rather than being guided by too many “shoulds” when it comes to eating.

How could you use your time in the kitchen to foster a little more consciousness?


conscious cooking

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