In the week that supposedly contains Blue Monday (nothing like encouraging people to feel crap even when they weren’t in the first place!), I’d like to put a positive spin on this month and share 10 things I love about January.


1.  It’s entirely acceptable to become a little bit of a hermit after all the excitement of Christmas and New Year

There’s much less social pressure to get out and about at this time of the year, so it’s a great chance to recharge my batteries. This one is especially helpful if you’re an introvert!


2. Wearing woolly socks

As the temperature dips, I think it’s lovely to slip into my extra thick socks. It’s like giving my toes a cuddle.


3. Bracing winter walks on sunny cold days

There’s nothing that livens me up like a beautiful walk in the woods on one of those exceptional cold, but sunny days. I find weeks of grey can definitely wear me down, so when we get a sparkly day with crisp ice on the ground and blue skies I just love it.


4. It’s starting to get dark a little later in the day

I always get a splash of hope when I look at the clock and realise we still have light at 3.30pm. It’s enough to give a teensy boost to my afternoon and to know that longer days are on their way. (Yes I know technically all days are 24 hours, but you know what I mean!)


5. Heart-warming stews

While the general variety of fruit and veg might be a bit less at this time of the year, there are lots of delicious root veg to warm me up from the inside. In the first week of January I made a lovely cider stew topped with cheesy dumplings using up vegetables I had in my fridge and some cider from Christmas. It was just what I needed to kick off the year.


6. Time for introspection

From mid-November to the end of the year, my work can get a bit crazy so January is often a chance for me to exhale. While I try not to go big on giant resolutions, I do feel I have a bit more time for my mind to wander and think about my goals for the year ahead.


7. Cuddly Sunday film sessions

Following on from the previous point, I love getting my weekends back across January. My husband, Taz and I particularly enjoy snuggling up on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon to watch a really good film.


8. Less pressure to buy

Although I’m not really a huge shopper, the constant push to spend can get a bit much for me in the lead up to Christmas (and I’m totally over perfume ads by the first week of December). I am quite partial to a good Christmas advert, but it’s a bit of a relief to hit January and not be bombarded with buy, buy, buy messages everywhere I turn.


9. Settling back into normal routines

I do love the break over Christmas and New Year, and I enjoy having time at home with my husband, but I actually also get a lot of comfort from easing back into my daily routines. My morning meditation, Taz-walks and the ebb and flow of working days help settle my mind as the new year begins.


10. Ummm… hot chocolate.

I couldn’t leave chocolate out could I!?! While I drink hot chocolate all year, I do get that I’m kind of the exception. That said, January really is definitely the PERFECT time to sit inside after a long walk (see point 3) with a generous mug of hot choccy. The feelgood stuff in good chocolate or cacao can also help with a little mood boost, which is much needed on grey days.


What things do you love about January?

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