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“If we were taught to cook as we are taught to walk … we would learn that being good at it relies on something deeply rooted, akin to walking, to get good at which we need only guidance, senses, and a little faith.” 

Tamara Adler, An Everlasting Meal


Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start with slowing down when life is a hurry and your stomach is in a flurry. But food, taste and breath are great triggers to help you start to become more connected and aware!

As well as group sessions, I offer bespoke one-to-one belly calming support. I’m particularly interested in supporting you with stress triggers connected to digestive problems like IBS (but this support is also relevant if you generally need to feel more calm and connected).

Do you:

– have a troubled tum and want support to cultivate some digestive calm?

– need to hit the pause button and reconnect with food, cooking – and living – in a more mindful and meaningful way?

– want to learn some tools and techniques to help you manage stress (a common trigger for IBS!)?

– love chocolate?


I’m here to help.


Learn about: the beauty of pause and slow (eating), the power of meditation and mindfulness, why it’s important to engage all your senses in tasting –  and how you can use this knowledge to create and enjoy delicious food.

I will support you in fostering a sense of kitchen and stomach calm and maximise your tasting pleasure.

You’ll often find me weaving chocolate into what I do as it’s one of the best ingredients to bring the pleasure of of slower eating to life. And because I’m a total chocolate nut!

How I can help you

  • Tailored Tasting: a personalised programme to help you explore the basics of taste, kitchen mindfulness and the power of pausing. There’s also a sprinkle of steps to develop your kitchen creativity and connectivity. This support includes a combination of in-person, in-your-kitchen sessions along with in-person or Skype chats. I’ll guide you along the way, but where you’d like to take your taste and tummy journey is in your very own hands (and mouth).
  • Kitchen Reconnection Session: this is a half or full day session in your very own kitchen. We’ll talk through what’s in your fridge and cupboard, mindful eating and stomach calming meditation goals, and even practise a few reflective tasting activities. I’ll also provide you with tailored guidance to help you going forward. This session normally includes some collaborative cooking so we can enjoy a mindful meal together.
  • 121 Meditation: Meditation is one of the key tools I use to manage my own digestive issues; in fact, it helped so much that I trained as a meditation teacher with the British School of Meditation. As well as group sessions, I offer 121 meditation support with a programme I’ll devise based on your particular requirements. If you’d like to get a meditation taster, keep an eye on my Upcoming Events to see what group sessions are coming up.

Let’s talk and find out what’s right for you.

What next?

If you’d like to know more about how we can explore some belly calm together, get in touch for a free 30 minute first chat.

We can find out a bit more about each other and whether we are a match made in tasting heaven.

Just fill out and submit the form below to let me know where you’d like some support. I’ll also send you a short questionnaire to answer before we speak.

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Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements.

Marcel Boulestin