Upcoming Events

Slow down and breathe with the delicious combination of meditation, mindful eating and chocolate…

This is the space to book on special events and workshops, and I’ll also include any upcoming chocolatey markets.
(If you don’t see anything below, do pop back soon.)

If you’d like to know about my weekly small meditation group in Llanidloes (Mid Wales), drop me a note at contact@foodatheart.co.uk.



* While my meditation sessions (online and in-person) are open to everyone, please be aware that if you have been diagnosed with certain mental health conditions (including clinical depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and dissociative identity disorder) you should always seek advice from your supporting clinical team before taking part in meditation.

Do you want to organise a session for a group or team? Find out more about my Chocolate Wellbeing sessions for Teams