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From delicious dark chocolate to nourishing salads, there’s something to suit all sorts of tastes.

Food At Heart events are meat-free and ingredients are organic / sustainable and seasonal wherever possible. During the year there will be different themes for the sessions to reflect the season. Many can also be tailored to special dietary requirements if needed.

Feel-good flavour reflection

The Joy Of Eating - Tastings

This 60-90 minute workshop & demonstration introduces the principles of  Food At Heart, offering a ‘taster’ of the full cooking and tasting workshops. You’ll experience reflective tasting with delicious dark chocolate and explore some interesting flavour combinations with surprising ingredients.

Experimental Chocolate Club

The Joy Of Chocolate

Channel your inner Willy Wonka! Chocolate is an amazing ingredient with hundreds of flavour compounds. It’s the ideal food to explore in combination with other ingredients and a tasty match for many other foods. You’ll learn how to taste chocolate, using all your senses, as well as creating delicious chocolate and cacao treats.

Experimental Salad Club

The Joy Of Salad

Come prepared to crunch, slurp and savour. With simple ingredients and lots of flavouring options, you can let your soup and salad imagination run wild. During spring and summer we stick with salad, but as the weather cools down, we explore soothing soups. Seasonal ingredients and a little creative flair are all you need to construct delicious and nourishing dishes. You’ll discover why soup and salad shouldn’t be boring.

Experimental Afternoon Tea Club

The Joy Of Afternoon Tea

Take some time out to sip some tea and invent delicious afternoon tea treats with unusal, but tasty flavour combinations. Using seasonal fruits and vegetables, you’ll create a range of savoury and sweet options (avoiding refined sugar and flours). From open rye sandwiches with flavoured butters to filled cupcakes, there will be mouthfuls to enjoy during the workshop plus some to take home.

Experimental Breakfast Club

The Joy Of Brunch

Start your day out the right way with some time to reflect over breakfast. You’ll get the chance to play with delicious and unusual breakfast flavour additions to porridge and yoghurt (did you know that seaweed flakes are really tasty with porridge?). There will be time to eat with full focus and gently ease your digestion into the day. You’ll also design your own muesli mix to take away.

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