Discover Food At Heart cooking events

Food At Heart Cooking Events

Take time out from your busy life to taste with full focus

Explore & experiment with flavours to create delicious food

Listen to your body to discover food that makes you feel good

Discover Food At Heart tasting & cooking events


When did you last take the time to truly taste? When you cook and eat are you moving between your phone, laptop and a million other distractions?

Food At Heart cooking and tasting events help you take time out to taste, explore flavours and create (and eat!) delicious and nourishing food. They are a social experience with a mix of fun and focus.

A Food At Heart event is your ultimate feel-good smoothie, blending the…


Food At Heart Blend– calm of yoga

– craft of a cooking class

– delight of a double yolk egg

– anticipation of a science experiment

– fuzzy feeling of toasting marshmallows over a campfire



You’ll create tasty food without needing to follow detailed recipes. In fact, you’ll collaborate with fellow Food At Heart participants and use your intuition and creativity to design your own!


Food At Heart cooking events let you reconnect with your senses and focus on the moment, while gaining cooking and tasting skills along the way.
I loved the balance of hands on working together and making food as well as learning about mindfulness and meditation.

What happens at Food At Heart tasting & cooking events?

Each session is a little different depending on the season and theme, but you can always expect:

Reflective Tasting

  • Use all the senses to taste food with full focus and awareness.
  • Some silent eating, plus eating in a way that highlights different senses (e.g. blindfolded tasting) and allows you to listen to your body.

Flavour Exploration

  • Play with interesting flavour combinations that sometimes surprise and often delight.
  • There’s total freedom to explore how different flavours work together (with a bit of guidance if needed). Want to try chocolate with black olives? Go for it!

Creating Delicious Dishes to Share

  • Each session has a theme with a set of ingredients and flavour options provided.
  • You’ll design tasty dishes to eat and share using these ingredients; it’s a bit like a MasterChef invention test – but less judgy and lots of fun.


Health and wellbeing are important to the sessions, but this isn’t about good versus bad foods: it’s about balance and real food.

Ingredients are organic / sustainable  and seasonal where possible.


You reminded me to pay more attention to the experience I was having, through being mindful. It’s too easy to rush, and forget how much there is to enjoy from experiencing good food. The blind tasting and studying food were also really enjoyable.

I loved it. It has made me feel inspired to cook (I don’t usually cook!!); I found it to be a calming and very satisfying experience!