• Hot Chocolate Meditation
     November 21, 2020
     11:30 am - 12:15 pm
We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.

Take some time out to breathe, taste and get body connected during a gentle online session of meditation and hot chocolate. This session is focussed on:

  • – soothing your body
  • – calming your mind
  • – helping you feel connected with your senses through exploring mindful eating


What can you expect?

  • – 20-25 minute guided mindful eating meditation incorporating vegan-friendly Calm Cocoa hot chocolate
  • – Short closing meditation to help you carry some of this hot chocolate calm into your weekend
  • – A sprinkle of chocolatey facts, including the sacred and spiritual roots of drinking chocolate

You’ll receive a double serving sachet of Original Rich Mix Calm Cocoa hot chocolate to prepare and have ready to drink (mindfully!) in the meditation.

I’ll send your hot chocolate out by Royal Mail 1st Class on the Wednesday morning before to the session to make sure it arrives in time, so please book your spot by 10am Wednesday 18th at the latest.

You’ll receive a Zoom link ahead of the session so you can log in, with your hot chocolate ready, on Saturday.


Is this session is for you? 

  • – This meditation workshop is suitable for new and experienced meditators.
  • – Meditation is a very personal experience and there’s no right or wrong way to feel about it!
  • – We won’t be aiming to transcend to any higher planes or tap into different states of consciousness; this workshop is about grounding, connecting and calming.

There will be time for discussion and questions – but you can also just sit in silence if that’s what you prefer.

You’ll be most comfortable if you wear loose clothing and if you can find a space in your home where you can be relatively undisturbed that will be perfect. We’ll do the meditation sitting, so feel free to bring cushions, shawls, or a spare jumper!


Please note if you are suffering from certain diagnosed mental health conditions (including clinical depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder) you should always seek support your supporting clinician before taking part in meditation. I’ll provide a form to complete ahead of the workshop to help you identify any information or support you should seek before taking part in the session.

Medical disclaimer – as a meditation guide I’m not qualified to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. I will not recommend any changes in medication or attitudes that could potentially worsen your condition.


United Kingdom