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The Green Party was so delighted to have welcomed Meredith to lead our entire team in a chocolate meditation. Meredith posted everyone delicious sachets of chocolate in the post before the digital event. That unto itself made people feel cared for. Everyone was grateful for the experience. We would be delighted to welcome Meredith back.

Explore a new and delicious way into mindfulness and wellbeing!

My chocolate wellbeing sessions for teams blend taste, connection and mindfulness – with a generous amount of good chocolate included of course.

They’re gentle, sensory and fun, and are a great way to develop skills for everyday self-care!

It’s also really valuable to take a little time out to be together as a team sometimes, especially when it involves chocolate…

My team and groups events bring together principles of mindfulness, mindful eating & mindful listening, and help people with  – 


Stress Management

Creativity & Creative Thinking

Self-Compassion & Connection


I offer online and in-person sessions around the UK (and also supply team gifts from my Calm Cocoa by Meredith Whitely mindful hot chocolate range).

To fire up a little mindful inspiration, some of the types of sessions I provide for teams & events include:

Guided Chocolate/
Hot Chocolate Meditation –

sensory tasting & meditation sessions with a generous sprinkle of ethical chocolate

Team Building & Connection –
chocolate + mindfulness-based activities bringing teams together to build understanding & communication

Exploring Mindfulness & Meditation –
delve into the principles of
mindfulness and mindful eating,
supported by guided meditation

Half/Full Day Immersive Chocolate Wellbeing Experience –
blend of activities & meditations bringing teams together to explore wellbeing

Mindfulness Meditation Programmes –
regular team meditation or bespoke programme designed to build
mindfulness skills (recorded or live)

Calm Cocoa Hot Chocolate
Popup Bar –

a delicious addition to your
wellbeing or team event

Drop me a note at to find out more

Download Chocolate Wellbeing Brochure

I loved the balance of hands on working together … as well as learning about mindfulness and meditation.

Why me? I’ve been running creative and mindful chocolatey workshops with teams since 2015.
I trained as a meditation teacher with the British School of Meditation in 2017 to add an extra layer of wellbeing to my sessions.
Prior to this I spent over 17 years of working for various big companies – and ran many workshops across this time!
I understand firsthand the importance of managing stress and developing a greater sense of resilience in a work environment –
and want to give people some tasty tools to help them along their journey towards better balance.

A little more about why I do what I do

You reminded me to pay more attention to the experience I was having through being mindful. It’s too easy to rush, and forget how much there is to enjoy from experiencing good food.

Some of the companies, events & festivals I’ve created bespoke workshops, tasting sessions & meditations for …

Companies I've created wellbeing sessions for
Events I've created wellbeing sessions for
Different parts of chocolate