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NEW: Slow Chocolate Kit

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Event: Hot Chocolate Meditation

Join me in London on 24th Mar for a calm & chocolatey session

Article: What the F are fermented foods?

Know your ferments and why they’re good for your mouth, mind & gut

Hi, I’m Meredith & I want to help you bring some calm to your belly…

“Taking the time to eat (and live!) a little more slowly is a great gift to give your digestion.”

Come and taste with me in person…

It was great to be able to take some time out to focus on me – and on food!

Mindful Hot Chocolate Meditation Workshop

Saturday 24th Mar – 11.00am
£20 per person

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It's slow, it's chocolatey - yes, it's my Slow Chocolate Kit...

Cultivating slow & calm through mindful chocolate mouthfuls

Cacao + Calm = Mind Cuddles 

Tap into some belly calm with one-to-one support

Explore the joy of more mindful eating and cooking, one bite at a time

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