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Next Event: Mindful Hot Chocolate Meditation

Sip, savour and breathe on Sat 11th May

Recipe: Roasted Roots with Cacao Nibs

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Article: Creating a compassionate workplace

How you can create a kinder place to work

Bring some calm to your mind & your belly
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“Taking the time to eat – and live – a little more slowly is a beautiful gift to give to yourself” Meredith, Founder of Food at Heart

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It was great to be able to take some time out to focus on me – and on food! Course Attendee

Mindful Hot Chocolate Meditation

Sat 11th May, 11.45am-1.15pm

Holdspace, Islington

Mindful Taste of Chocolate Meditation @ Balance Festival

Sat 11th / Sun 12th May – 4.10pm

Brick Lane, London

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Cacao + Calm = Mind Cuddles 

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