Brought to you by meditation teacher & chocolatier, Meredith Whitely

helping you live a more mindful
& connected life through meditation,
mindful eating & chocolate

Meredith chopping up chocolate with knife with big smile on her face

I’ll help you live a more mindful & calmer life with my uplifting chocolate wellbeing experiences and products 

My mission is to help people feel & be more connected,
using chocolate as one of the key tools to do this 

This is about creating an antidote to a world of busyness, giving you time to slow down, take a breath & be genuinely present

And have some fun along the way!

Chocolate is a beautiful medium for exploring a deeper sense of connection with ourselves and the world around us

The history, story and tastes of chocolate continue to inspire me – and I want to share this inspiration you

From chocolate-based team meditations to mindful hot chocolate, I’ll support you on your path to chocolate calm…

It was so nice to take a moment out to stop, relax and be present – and delicious chocolate certainly helped!

Group Head of Marketing

Are you in need of some chocolate calm? Well, I can help you!

Getting more connected with your body and senses is a beautiful way to support your wellbeing

I work with individuals, groups and teams, helping them build this sense of connection through meditation and mindful eating

Chocolate and its fascinating story is a BIG part of how I provide this support

I also think it’s important to enjoy wellbeing. While the outcomes are serious, it doesn’t mean you can’t fun while doing it

Wellbeing definitely shouldn’t be boring. Especially when there’s chocolate involved…

And it’s about more than just personal benefits

A deeper sense of connection helps us be better connected with other people and the world around us

In our modern times that’s something we can all benefit from!

Calm Cocoa hot chocolate in teacup being held by two hands

Just some of the chocolatey support I provide

Wellbeing Experiences for Teams
delicious sessions grounded in mindfulness & mindful eating for teams who want to explore a more delicious side of wellbeing

Hot Chocolate Wellbeing & Gifting –
tasty treats for individuals & teams from my mindful hot chocolate range, Calm Cocoa by Meredith Whitely

Everyday Wellbeing & Connection –
simple & chocolatey tools, advice and recipes to help boost wellbeing &
support mental health

The session was very well received! Meredith was lovely and we all enjoyed the session! Technology Company

Organise a chocolate wellbeing session for your team

Calm Cocoa Mindful Hot Chocolate created by Meredith Whitely

All upcoming Food At Heart events

Some of the companies & events I’ve created sessions for…

Companies I've created wellbeing sessions for

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